Our mission

To make veterinary diagnostics more affordable and accessible

In the US and Canada, the lack of veterinary testing due to high veterinary diagnostic costs is decreasing the lifespan of dogs diagnosed with skin cancer by up to 5 years. Lynx's mission is to make skin cancer testing for dogs more affordable, allowing pets to get the treatment options they deserve and live healthier and longer lives.

Lynx Screening Camera app mockup

Our product

Detecting skin cancer early and affordably using image recognition and neural networks

Lynx offers a noninvasive and AI-based approach that uses both visual and nonvisual data on suspicious lesions and patient health to produce a predicted diagnosis.

Quick results

The process

How Lynx is used

Visual data collection

To receive a predicted diagnosis for a patient, veterinarians first use Lynx’s Screening Camera on Lynx’s mobile app to take an image of the dog’s lesion.

Nonvisual data collection

To increase the accuracy of the predicted diagnosis, veterinarians will enter information about the patient that could influence their diagnosis.

Receiving a predicted diagnosis

In a matter of minutes, a predicted diagnosis is available to veterinarians on the desktop app, and treatment plans can be discussed the day of the appointment.

Why choose us

Advantages of using Lynx

Faster detection and diagnosis of skin cancer
Prompt communication with clients about treatment plans
Facilitated organization of results on the desktop app
Better prognoses for patients with skin cancer

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